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6 Tips to Reduce Energy Loss Using Fluke Thermography


There can be many causes for energy loss in commercial buildings and industrial facilities. These losses can be detected by inspecting for such things as air leaks and systems running inefficiently using a thermal imager. With the right equipment, you can identify problem areas and equipment so they can be fixed. Fluke’s advanced thermal imager can identify hot and cold spots in your facility.

  • Building Envelopes – The envelope of your building separates the outside from the inside and is rarely perfect. With a thermographer, you can scan roofs, walls, pipes, chimneys, doors and windows for moisture issues, air leaks and unsealed gaps.
  • Boilers – Boilers are often the biggest place to find wasted energy. You will want to scan for refractory, insulation, fan motors, pumps, valves and electrical connections.
  • Motors and Generators – These pieces of equipment can overheat and malfunction causing electrical inefficiencies which lead to energy loss. To check for issues, you will want to examine your airflow for restrictions; electrical unbalance for load imbalance and single phasing; bearings for abnormally high temperatures; winding insulation for higher than normal housing temperatures; and electrical connections for that increase resistance.
  • Steam Heating Systems – These are more common in industrial facilities but some commercial facilities might have them. Steam traps, radiator coils, steam lines and valves, and condensers can all be problem areas for energy efficiency and should be scanned using thermal imagers.
  • HVAC Systems – Heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems are some of the biggest energy users you have. When checking efficiencies, you will want to scan all your ductwork, registers, fans, blowers, electrical connections, compressors and coils for leakage, overheating, loose or corroded connections, and blockage or clogs.
  • Electrical Systems – This is not a common item that you might think is associated with energy loss. Items such as distribution panels, transformers and lighting control circuits can degrade over time increasing resistance resulting in wasted energy. It is important to use a thermal imager to check for unbalanced circuits, increased temperature and circuit connections.

One of these items alone is an energy waster, but your facility could have multiple problems. Using a thermal imager can help you to identify cost-saving opportunities for your company. For more details check out Fluke’s Thermography Find-It Guide and comment below for more information.