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To Repair or Not to Repair


With the ability to purchase products and services, with the click of a button, it sometimes becomes difficult to know exactly where to start. We often spend hours reviewing online offerings trying to decide where to buy from. From these online purchases, we expect the same level of customer service we receive from brick-and-mortar businesses. Unfortunately, many times virtual storefronts often fall short. While online shopping seems like the most cost-effective option, it is not always the case.

You have many options available to repair your automation equipment when it fails. Choices range from local repair houses to regional or national vendors and even some OEMs' vendor repair services. There is also the question of whether it is more cost-effective to buy new instead of remanufacturing. It is important that you choose the service and product that best fits your situation and needs.

Key questions to consider when deciding if you should repair your automation equipment

Will the cost of the new equipment be more expensive than repairing the equipment?

If costs are the same, the choice is easy.

Is the cost to repair less expensive than replacing a pricey piece of equipment?

The best idea is to repair it.

Are you solely focused on price?

Sometimes saving money initially leads to additional expenses down the road. It’s important to pick the right repair vendor that warranties their work.

What is the process used by your preferred repair vendor

Are they capable of returning your product to the original manufacturer’s specifications? Do they use certified parts? Do they provide a warranty?

Does your repair vendor have a good reputation within your industry?

It’s important to know where they are getting their products from, how long they have been in business, and if they are an authorized service provider. Information security is also a concern that needs to be explored with your vendor

The full value of a repair is the most important aspect of automation equipment that needs remanufacturing. While price is important, it is not always the best thing to judge your service requirements on. You have important business to attend to and making sure your equipment service provider is giving you exactly what you need is tantamount to your success. Make sure to weigh all your options carefully, and most importantly trust your repair service provider.

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