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Six Ways the PowerFlex® 755TS AC Drive Helps Alleviate Your System Maintenance Pain


Do you wish your drive could reduce mechanical wear on your system?

Maintaining a reliable mechanical system can be difficult due to compliance in the hardware. This can create resonant frequencies in the drive system, shortening machine life. The PowerFlex 755TS includes adaptive tuning that can identify harmful machine resonances and suppress the output of the drive from exciting those vibrations.

Are you looking to better schedule maintenance with your drives system?

Traditional preventive maintenance strategies are conservative or inconvenient which increases your risk for unplanned downtime. Predictive maintenance analytics monitors drive conditions that affect critical components, allowing for optimized maintenance strategies.

Is your environment creating challenges with the reliability of your electronics?

Industrial environments are notoriously harsh. Developing solutions to survive these environments can be costly or confusing. The PowerFlex 755TS drive with optional XT corrosive gas protection provides additional methods of environmental resilience that are designed, tested, and validated for the harshest environments.

Have you ever wanted to get more insights from your motor control system?

Do you struggle to collect, aggregate, contextualize, and present information to the right person at the right time? The PowerFlex 755TS has thousands of protentional data points available in the drive along with diagnostic and prescriptive analytics. The Ethernet port is ready for integration to provide these meaningful insights for enhanced decision-making, process control, and asset performance.

Are you worried about your system getting hacked?

New threat vectors are introduced as devices go online. Security solutions can vary from vendor to vendor and even product to product. The PowerFlex 755TS is equipped with Support CIP Security for secure communications protocol ensuring authorization, integrity, and privacy between trusted devices. It also has Secure Erase which ensures your intellectual property is not compromised with disposed or in-transit devices.

Are you wondering how to manage lifecycle migration with your current PowerFlex 755 or 700S?

Migrating to new technology can introduce risk to projects due to differences in mechanical, electrical, and control considerations which can negatively impact production and availability. PowerFlex 755TS is a drop-in mechanical and electrical replacement for PowerFlex 755 drives in the field. Documentation to support the conversion installations from PowerFlex 755 and PowerFlex 700S to PowerFlex 755TS minimizes the risk of hardware changeover and provides guidance and tools to configure parameters in the drive to ensure new technology works in place of old.

PowerFlex® 755TS AC drives are designed for performance, flexibility, and productivity and are easy to use. The 755TS is equipped with TotalFORCE technology which gives you the flexibility and high-performance motor control you need in a drive. It has real-time operational intelligence and automated application commissioning and optimization. The embedded diagnostic and predictive analytics assess real-time operating conditions that provide important equipment insights for you when you need them. For example, it alerts the users when maintenance should be performed and is based on how the drive is used versus using a predetermined calendared schedule. It also responds automatically to application changes and can even help prevent excessive wear by detecting and suppressing drive output frequencies that can cause harmful vibration which improves reliability and optimizes performance. McNaughton-McKay is ready to help you decide if the PowerFlex 755TS is the right AC drive for you.