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Why Use Rubber Portable Power Cords?


The answer is simple. Rubber is more durable in harsh conditions than other materials for portable power applications. Environments that have positive advantages from use of rubber cord are:

  • Construction Equipment
  • Control Circuits
  • Mining and Submersible Pumps
  • Motors and Associated Machinery
  • Portable Appliances
  • Portable Tools and Equipment
  • Temporary and Portable Power

General Cable uses thermoset rubber to deliver peak performance in their cords. Thermoset rubber is made up of compounds that have been vulcanized by heat and will not soften or distort from its formed shape when exposed to excessive heat or open flame. This is unlike what happens when thermoplastics are used. Thermoplastics become deformed under high temperatures. This results in degradation of the plastics physical attributes. Rubber also offers other advantages. In high temperatures rubber is more flexible and durable than plastic compounds. The benefits of thermoset rubber are vast:

  • Maintains mechanical integrity in high temperature oil
  • Heat cured so it will not melt in high temperatures
  • More flexible at room temperature
  • Stays more flexible while approaching low temperatures
  • Preferred in industrial applications
  • Insulation compounds have lower dielectric constraints which provide greater dielectric strength than thermoplastic products
  • Jackets have better tear resistance than thermoplastic jackets
  • Will not deform after exposure to open flame

Rubber cable is available in different cable types: SOOW, SJOOW, SO and SJ. We’d love to hear how you are using these cords successfully. If you have questions let us know that too or visit the General Cable website to learn more about portable rubber cords.