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Why Use Stage & Store Project Management


First, let’s talk about what stage and store means. Simply put, stage and store is when you order materials for your construction project and McNaughton-McKay keeps those materials for you in our warehouse. One of the biggest benefits is that you decide what, when and where your materials get delivered to the job site. This saves you money because you are only paying for what you need. It also eliminates you having to deal with freight claims and stolen or damaged products. You place a complete job order while scheduling product releases based on your project schedule.

Schedule and Release Shipments When You Need Them

Often your job site has limited storage space for materials. By using our warehouse, those issues are eliminated. When you work with us to stage and store your materials, you don’t have to receive materials that you don’t have room for and keep track of the inventory that isn’t being used. We work together to schedule and release shipments at the exact time that a phase of a project is happening.

Perfect Fit for Projects of All Sizes

There is no longer a need for you to worry about material delivery. With stage and store project management, you can rest easy knowing your materials will be at the job site on the day of installation. There are no upfront costs and billing takes place after materials are delivered to you.

Reduces Headaches

We unload your shipments and place them where you need them at the job site. There is no need for you to file freight claims because that’s taken care of in our warehouse. You no longer must worry about moving materials not in use as your job proceeds. Most importantly you eliminate shrinkage and damage of products on-site because of our Just in Time (JIT) delivery.

By allowing McNaughton-McKay to do Stage & Store Project Management of your electrical products, you will increase your profits and decrease your headaches. Who wouldn’t want that?