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Why Incorporate Vibration Analysis in your Preventative Maintenance Plan


Is your facility operating with a “run to failure” mentality that has your maintenance staff running from one problem to the next? Does this wait until your machines fail for repair result in increased maintenance costs and lost production time? With a preventative maintenance strategy, that includes condition-based maintenance of machines you can eliminate headaches and increase your profits. When you utilize vibration analysis you can evaluate the health of your assets, diagnose small problems before they become giant issues, and perform corrective measures.

6 Benefits of Vibration Analysis

  1. PREDICTABILITY – When you monitor the condition of your assets, you give your maintenance people time to schedule needed repairs and ensure parts are available for necessary repairs.
  2. EMPLOYEE SAFETY – Shut-down broken equipment before it results in a hazardous situation for your employees.
  3. PROFITS – With the reduction of unexpected and costly failures, you minimize production stoppages that negatively impact your income.
  4. EXTENDED LIFE – You can spread out your maintenance projects which helps your spend and extends the life of your equipment because maintenance is scheduled by need and not breakdowns.
  5. DEPENDABILITY – You will have fewer unforeseen and tragic failures because you will have a proactive approach to problem areas and have the ability to anticipate possible equipment failures.
  6. ASSURANCE – Having a condition monitoring plan will give you the peace of mind you deserve when it comes to maintenance schedules, budgeting, and production costs.

There are several tools you can use to check vibration. The simplest is a vibration pen that allows you to measure bearing conditions and temperature. A vibration meter can measure the overall vibration as well as specific variables. An advanced vibration testing tool has diagnostic capabilities that combine algorithms with a database of practical measurements. You can also install vibration monitoring sensors to screen for potential problems.

The moral of the story is not to leave the maintenance of your assets to chance. By being proactive you can extend the life of your equipment, keep your employees safe, and increase profits. If you would like more information about help with vibration analysis, please contact your local McNaughton-McKay location.

Vibration Analysis Tools

FLUKE-805 FC Vibration Meter

The most reliable vibration screening device available for frontline...

Fluke-810 Advanced Vibration Testing

Locate and diagnose common mechanical problems and prioritize repair...

FLK-3561 FC Vibration monitoring Sensors

Rugged, industrial 800 x 600 resolution videoscope with dual view imager.