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With a need to stabilize their maintenance budget, a global paints, coatings, and specialty materials manufacturer transitions to a Rockwell Automation Integrated Support Agreement



A paints, coatings, and specialty materials manufacturer


Like many customers today, the paint manufacturer is faced with workforce deficiency, budget constraints, and downtime risk. They have seasoned technicians who are retiring and are struggling to backfill those vacant positions. Initially, the customer planned to renew their existing TechConnect Support Agreement however when McNaughton-McKay’s Services Support Specialist highlighted the features and benefits by elevating their support to the Integrated Support Agreement (ISA) they chose to proceed. The ISA would help stabilize their support costs and mitigate their loss of production by combining services under one agreement.


TA large manufacturing customer’s Rockwell Automation TechConnect contract was coming up for renewal. Being short-staffed, they were looking for ways to augment their maintenance support until they were able to hire new maintenance technicians and get them trained properly. With proper maintenance support, the customer would be able to minimize downtime risk and proactively maintain plant operations with downtime mitigation tactics.


An initial discovery meeting was held to review business challenges and identify gaps in support. It was determined that they did not have 24 x 7 technical support and due to increased production goals, they found it necessary. Additionally, the customer saw the potential cost savings that can be realized by repairing vs new when critical Rockwell Automation parts are remanufactured. A transition path from a TechConnect support contract to the Essential ISA contract was presented with budgetary information on the cost differential. After reviewing historical information provided on their current spending for TechConnect agreements, call-out services, workforce development, and repairs, the customer chose to purchase a one-year Integrated Services Agreement to stabilize costs on Rockwell Automation Repairs. Rockwell Automation agrees to provide remanufacturing services for the customer’s equipment at a fixed fee amount. With the customer’s investment of repair spend, the agreement provided an additional 20% repair capacity. By choosing an ISA support was increased from 8 to 5 to 24 x 7 system support with a seasoned Rockwell Automation Engineer (over 10 plus years’ experience) who will manage their service tickets from start to finish. They also chose to add a 40-hour Customer Block of Engineering hours to use for projects, start-up, and maintenance at the plant for the year.

With this new ISA, the customer can maximize industrial control uptime and asset reliability with quick and easy access to support from Rockwell Automation. They will realize improved return time on repairs. With great visibility of contract usage and data for decision making, priority repair service, and access to repair inventory as well as, the customer can allocate money and resources more efficiently. The availability of engineering support when needed will help to track their ROI.


  • Rockwell Automation Integrated Service Agreement
  • Enhanced Repairs Agreement
  • 24 x 7 Technical System Support
  • 40 Hours Customer Block of Engineering