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Casting Manufacturer Re-Lamps Facility For Reduced Energy Costs and Increased Efficiency in Parts Inspection


Manufacturing facility realizes energy savings and increased productivity resulting from LED re-lamping project.


Manufacturer of airfoil castings for turbine engine applications that are used specifically in commercial and military jet engines, helicopters and industrial gas turbines.


The T8 lamps that were currently installed in the factory needed to be replaced frequently. This slowed down production and hindered parts inspection. The manufacturer was looking to upgrade their lighting either with completely new fixtures or a LED re-lamping in current fixtures.


The manufacturing facility wanted to upgrade their T8 shatter-resistant lamps to DesignLights Consortium (DLC) listed LEDs. They were also looking for a way to save money on their utility bills. Finally, they wanted to improve their work station lighting so their team could work more efficiently.


Prior to making a final decision, test lamps were installed in ¼ of the plant. This allowed the customer to see if the lighting fit their needs. To help save money, we worked together to formulate a plan to re-lamp existing lighting fixtures with LED 4ft and 8ft DLC rated lamps. A recycling program for the T8 lamps was also implemented.


Upgrading the lighting to LED lamps decreased utility costs and production downtime. By changing to LED lamps there was an increase in lumens at each inspection station which assisted with increased efficiency. Reducing the wattage usage per lamp is saving the manufacturing facility $4,316.43 in energy costs per year. The ROI of the total project was 2.1 years. The upgrade was so successful they are looking to duplicate the re-lamping project in their other facilities. 


  • Test Lamps
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  • Recycling Services
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