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Custom Machine Builder Partners with McNaughton-McKay Mechatronics Group to build Multi-Axis, High Speed, Large Payload Machine



Custom machine builder for automotive, steel, glass, furniture, and other industrial applications.


The machine builder was tasked with building a multi-axis machine that would perform at high speeds with large payloads (some over 1,000 lbs.). It is not often that they implement servo solutions, and knew they were going to need help to properly size the high-performance servo motors, drives and gearboxes to meet the needs of the demanding application. They also needed assistance with implementing and troubleshooting the servo solution once the system was installed on their machine. Additionally, there was an aggressive delivery schedule for this machine and with current supply chain issues, the machine builder had concerns about getting parts delivered on time.


The machine being built needed to produce higher throughput than previous machines performing a similar function. If the machine builder could not provide the proper functioning machine requested by their customer on the specified date, they would risk losing future business. They were not looking to change their operations, but they needed to rely more heavily on McNaughton-McKay’s engineering expertise than they had in the past with their other applications.


McNaughton-McKay’s Mechatronics Engineering Group was able to properly size high-performance servo motors, drives and gearboxes that could meet the demanding application of the end user. With knowledge of the supply chain, the Mechatronics Group was able to help make modifications to the part list for options that could be delivered more quickly. Our engineers were on site to consult and help troubleshoot during the machine build process. This collaboration resulted in a functioning machine being built and shipped on time.

The machine builder’s customer was so pleased with the new machine that they have agreed to purchase more units, which will increase overall sales for all parties involved. Additionally, their customer was so pleased with the machine that they plan to upgrade all their existing lines to this solution, creating an annuity business for McNaughton-McKay as well as the machine builder.


  • Rockwell Automation Sizing Software
  • Rockwell Automation High-Performance Servo Motors
  • Rockwell Automation High-Performance Servo Drives
  • Wittenstein High-Performance Gearboxes