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Museum LED Lighting Upgrade Results in Reducing Energy Costs


LED lighting solution gives local museum 12-month ROI on lighting upgrade.


Local museum with rotating exhibits of American, Asian, European, pottery, and glass artwork.


The museum was looking for a better way to light their artwork than the existing incandescent lamps. The incandescent lamps needed to be replaced frequently, which required a great deal of time by maintenance personnel. With the amount of inventory that needed to be kept on hand by the museum, the museum incurred high stock and maintenance costs.

Due to the difficulty of frequently replacing the lamps, an LED replacement was offered that would save the museum time and money. With the LED lamp solution, the customer could increase the longevity of their lamps. This resulted in big cost savings in the form of reducing inventory, maintenance and energy consumption.


The replacement of the lamps so often was a challenge for the museum maintenance staff because of the placement of the artwork throughout the facility. For optimum viewing, artwork needed to be displayed with certain light levels. Precise light rating was needed to protect the artwork from being damaged.

Prior to this call the museum did not have an account with McNaughton-McKay.


Their original request for incandescent lamps was fulfilled, with additional information offered about LED replacement lamps. The LED lamps were slightly higher than the incandescent, but the return on investment (ROI) made the price difference negligible. The LED lamps would not need to be replaced as frequently and there would be a cost savings on the museum’s energy bills. Pricing and specification sheets were sent to the museum for their review as well as an explanation of the ROI.

After reviewing the proposal, the museum saw the benefits in the LED solution and decided to make the change.


  • 12-month ROI on LED lamp upgrade
  • Less frequent replacement of lamps
  • Inventory reduction
  • Savings on utility bills
  • Increased employee productivity which is directly related to spending less time and effort on changing out lamps
  • McNaughton-McKay is their exclusive supplier for lighting


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