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Large Dietary Supplement Manufacturing Company Gains Control of Their Pushbutton Inventory and Storeroom Management



A dietary supplement company, manufacturing vitamins, and supplements.


The dietary supplement and vitamin manufacturing company was having issues with its pushbutton inventory. More specifically, the pushbutton inventory in their storeroom didn’t match what was on their plant floor. Purchasing had become very difficult because they were stocking several different manufacturers of the same parts. In addition to this, parts were being taken off the pushbuttons to repair broken ones on the floor, which left incomplete pushbuttons in the storeroom making them very difficult to maintain.


The company was faced with unnecessary downtime because of the disorganization related to the pushbutton section of its storeroom. If they were able to streamline their purchasing process with the help of McNaughton-McKay, they would have a more organized pushbutton storeroom section and minimize costly downtime.


McNaughton-McKay did an audit of every door and panel in the plant. This included dissecting each pushbutton down to individual components. A bill of material was created based on only the components. With the intention of eliminating the problem of parts being raided from pushbutton and giving them more options to create the buttons that they needed on the plant floor.

After McNaughton-McKay was awarded the project, the items were entered into STOREROOM LOGIX (SRX), with the correct reorder min/max quantities. Products were organized into bins in the vitamin manufacturers storeroom and properly labeled to keep everything organized. McNaughton-McKay visits the facility weekly, managing the parts through the Customer Alliance Program (CAP).


This new program helped the customer to reduce the number of SKUs on their shelves for these products by consolidating the pushbuttons to one manufacturer. Now the pushbutton inventory in their storeroom matches what is on their plant floor. It eliminated the waste of taking parts off of multiple manufacturers’ buttons now that they stock the individual parts to create any pushbutton needed in their facility.

Additionally, McNaughton-McKay did a crib crawl of their storeroom and has developed a list of all of their Industrial Control (IC) products and looks forward to assisting with those items in the future.


  • CAP – Customer Alliance Program
  • Rockwell Automation 800F Pushbuttons