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How to Choose the Right Cable for Your Variable Frequency Drives


How are you connecting to your Allen-Bradley PowerFlex Variable Frequency Drives (VFD) to motors? Are you using THHN in pipe? Are you using shielded tray cable? Are you using motor supply cable?  If you answered yes to any of these questions you might want to consider this.  

VFD cables from Belden offer greater performance over THHN because of the industrial grade insulation within the cable which results in a more reliable cable. VFD cables have a better shielding system that provides better protection for motors, bearings and drives. Even though shielded tray cable provides better insulation than THHN in pipe, they still lack shielding which could create dirty power disrupting plant control and instrumentation systems.  

When you use Belden VFD cables you provide protection for your machines because they are specifically designed for installation between a VFD and a motor. This helps to reduce downtime you might incur when using THHN and shielded tray cable. The reason VFD cables are able to offer greater protection is because they are designed with higher stranding, heavy insulation and better shielding.

The next time you need to connect a motor, make sure to use VFD cables because you will receive a more reliable connection, better protection and improved performance over other cable options.