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Do You Need Arc Flash Labels on Electrical Equipment?


Warning labels, information labels and manufacturer labels are a constant on electrical equipment. With so many different types of labels required, it is often confusing for facility managers to know what labels are needed, when they need to be updated and why they need to be there in the first place. Some labels are required by the installation code. Arc flash hazard warning labels are required by section 1160.16 of the NFPA 70® Code. This section of the code for arc flash labels warns that there is a potential arc flash hazard present. Switchgear, switchboards, panelboards, motor control centers, industrial control panels, disconnects and meter sockets, in other than dwelling units, that are likely to require servicing while energized are included in this requirement. Brady offers a wide variety of arc flash labels to help ensure you meet all safety guidelines. Labels are required because they keep us all safe and should be an integral part of your electrical safety program.