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The New A50/A70 From Teledyne Flir Eliminates Tangled Thermocouples


Are you tired of tangling with thermocouples? The new A50/A70 Research and Development Kits from Teledyne Flir solve your problem. They come equipped with up to 640 by 480 thermal image resolution and + 2oC accuracy. The A50/A70 packs the power of thousands of thermal couples into one portable unit. It allows you to capture meaningful data quickly with limited wrap-up time. All you need to do is plug the unit into your computer and open the included Flir Research Studio Software. This will help to improve your testing efficiency, see problems instantly, understand your thermal profiles, and reduce product development time. You can install or set up the A50/A70 anywhere regardless of the environment. This turnkey solution offers immediate analysis with Flir Research Studio Software or it will easily integrate with your existing systems and custom software. To learn more about the A50/A70 Research and Development Kits visit and contact your local McNaughton-McKay Account Manager.