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Protect Your Employees with Allen-Bradley’s 440G-MZ Guard Locking Switch


Allen-Bradley®’s 440G-MZ Guard Locking Switch from Rockwell Automation protects your employees and can be used in multiple applications where guard doors are used. The 440G-MZ is embedded with GuardLink® technology which makes it a smart device. When connected to a GuardLink system by a passive tap, it shortens installation time, decreases wiring, and allows for integration with an Ethernet/IP communications adapter and safety logic device. It can also be operated by an output signal switching device (OSSD) and connected directly to a safety logic or safety I/O device. The 440G-MZ safety switches have the highest level of safety for door position monitoring and guard locking. Examples of applications where the 440G-MZ locking switch can be used are robotic assembly, packaging machines, bottling machines, and CNC machines.