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Unlock Machine Intelligence with a Complete I/O Solution


Are you facing the challenge of sourcing a versatile I/O solution that can adapt to the changing demands of your industry? Look no further, as Rockwell Automation introduces the revolutionary Allen-Bradley® ArmorBlock 5000™ I/O.

Incorporating innovative IO-Link technology, these I/O blocks bring forth a seamless distributed monitoring experience complete with real-time diagnostics data. This means less time spent on maintenance and troubleshooting and more valuable time dedicated to nurturing your business. With multiple mounting options, extensive IO-Link capabilities, and a selection of three industry-standard power variants, these scalable I/O blocks are designed to elevate your machine's productivity and enhance its agility. Manufactured for On-Machine™ applications, ArmorBlock 5000™ I/O is your go-to choice for high-speed motion control tasks, even in the harshest of environments. Additionally, these industrially hardened blocks facilitate zero-cabinet architectures, making machine development simpler and reducing overall machine size.

Streamline the development of intelligent machines and expedite your journey to market success with the unique ArmorBlock 5000™ I/O.