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Introducing the Allen-Bradley ArmorKinetix® Distributed Servo Drive


The Allen-Bradley ArmorKinetix® Distributed Servo Drive is ushering in a new era in motion control. It is an intelligent, compact device that simplifies your machine design while reducing the overall system costs. This On-Machine servo drive solution is designed for multiple applications like food and beverage, life sciences, and packaging to name a few. The ArmorKinetix® Distributed Servo Drive allows you to condense your machine footprint, enable modular machine design, improve productivity through advanced analytics, and reduce energy usage so that you can get to market quicker and more cost-effectively.

A new era of motion control has arrived:

  • Condense your machine footprint by mounting your drives externally and daisy-chaining your motion network
  • Simplify installations with modular machine designs that require fewer parts and connection points
  • Increase uptime using data from integrated vibration and thermal sensors to gain predictive insight
  • Reduce time to restoration by diagnosing devices without opening the electrical enclosure
  • Advance sustainability goals by reducing cabling and minimizing enclosure temperature control components