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The ASEM™ 6300 Industrial PC Gives You Complete Facility Visibility


Electronic equipment and components can be severely damaged in industrial conditions. Moisture, stress, vibration, contaminated power, and electrical noise can all severely harm electronics, particularly computers. If your facility requires a clean environment, PCs with touch screens can harbor bacteria and glass touch screens can't be located near consumable products as they flow down your line. What if you had industrial-grade PCs that could tackle these problems? Allen-Bradley’s ASEM™ 6300 industrial computers and monitors can do just that by providing the protection you need and the visibility you want. Their single board construction reduces the number of internal cables and connectors, which can tarnish or shake loose. This building method is more resistant to shock and vibration. Because of the fanless design, ASEM 6300 industrial computers have fewer moving components and can keep cool at high temperatures. The ASEM 6300 product range also aids in the optimization of your processes. With improved visibility, you can improve process parameters, boost uptime and capital productivity, undertake lot level tracing, manufacture a variety of goods with a single set of equipment, and maintain superior quality. Because of its edge computing features, you can gather, process, analyze, and store production data from all your IoT devices. When you deploy ASEM 6300 PCs with the pre-loaded ThinManager® client software, you can update or replace units in minutes without having to load apps or migrate locally stored process data. If you need to replace an exposed PC monitor, Allen-Bradley's ASEM 6300m displays include a stainless-steel bezel and IP66K ingress protection. The ASEM 6300 array of industrial PCs includes hundreds of configurations, allowing you to select the best solution for any application. You need dependable, sturdy, and small industrial PCs in several configurations to save costs and increase value received, and Allen-Bradley's ASEM 6300 industrial computers are the ideal option.