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The Appleton GRTS Junction Box Makes Installation Easier and Safer


Appleton’s GRTS Junction Box by Emerson combines features currently being used in numerous designs into one junction box giving you a more versatile junction box that solves challenges you may have in your facilities for raceway applications.  Often applications such as lights, controls, changes in direction, or access to wiring can result in challenges for mounting, hub size, power, safety, and corrosion protection. When you use the Appleton GRTS Junction Box, issues with these applications disappear because the GRTS explosion proof and dust ignition proof junction boxes provide easy access for your maintenance teams that need to connect conduit and change conduit direction.  They are ideal for indoor and outdoor classified areas and have an internal ground screw and O-ring for added safety.  See how the Appleton GRTS Junction Box can make your installation easier and safer and decrease inventory requirements.