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The Appleton™ IHC LED Luminaire Series Delivers Reliability and Cost Savings


Finding the right solution to safely illuminate industrial facilities with high ceiling heights and high ambient temperatures can be challenging especially if they are in harsh environments. Production processes in these locations generate high volumes of heat that rise and collect in the ceiling increasing air temperatures. Conditions like this require rugged and reliable lighting specifically designed for these elements, however, they're often installed in hard-to-reach locations that require planned maintenance shutdowns. The Appleton™ IHC LED Luminaire series by Emerson is an industrial high-lumen output fixture designed to illuminate heavy industrial facilities with ceiling heights of 50 feet or greater and a maximum ambient temperature rating of 75o C or 167o F. Designed as a flexible solution, the IHC LED series offers various lumen output levels that double the output of Appleton’s previous offerings while providing an easy retrofit of legacy 1000 and 1500 Watt HID fixtures.

The IHC LED series offers four light distribution patterns with specially designed optics to ensure the maximum amount of light is pushed downward to provide safe light levels with the least number of fixtures. The series has a variety of mounting heights accommodating a wider range of applications which allows you to light more space with fewer fixtures. The IHC LED series is available in a variety of color temperature options to meet a wide range of lighting specifications. To simplify high bay and flood light mounting, Appleton offers multiple mounting options designed to increase efficiency. Appleton’s IHC LED series provides long-term reliability in high-heat areas to lower maintenance costs, lights a larger area per fixture to lower operational costs, and allows for easy installation to lower labor costs.