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The Allen-Bradley Armor™ PowerFlex® 35 Series is Designed for Harsh Environments and Provides Signification Cost Savings


The Allen-Brady Armor™ PowerFlex® 35 series On-Machine drives are the next generation of On-Machine™ motor control solutions. These drives contain PowerFlex 525 motor control technology with integrated gigabit dual-port EtherNet/IP and built-in safety I/O. It is ideal for harsh environments and is equipped with a variety of motor control options and network safety features. For enhanced performance and ease of use, it is integrated with Logix and Studio 5000® design software. If you are looking to reduce installation time, expenses, and unplanned downtime the Allen-Bradley Armor™ PowerFlex® drives are the On-Machine solution for you. Ask us how you can exchange numerous components with one integrated motor control solution.