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Top Reasons to Upgrade Your Solar Solutions with Battery Systems


Battery storage offers a more complete renewable energy solution to those wanting to get the most out of their solar panels. With a battery storage system from one of the following brands installed, you can enjoy several clean energy advantages. Using the energy stored in batteries during peak demand times can offset those heightened energy charges. Also, when seasonal and weather-related changes result in shorter daylight hours, batteries will enable extended solar usage throughout the day. Finally, when the electrical grid experiences an outage, batteries can be intermittently used and replenished by solar panels to ensure that essential systems can still be powered as needed. SolarEdge, Enphase and Homegrid deliver storage and backup power capabilities to the homes of solar users for a more sustainable system.

SolarEdge Energy Storage

Solaredge’s home battery is designed for wireless inverter-battery communication and allows for 3 batteries per inverter to be stacked on one breaker. These features, combined with the fact that it passes the UL9540A fire safety hazard test and therefore requires less floor space, make for a short installation time. Additionally, with SolarEdge’s optional backup interface, users could island their home away from the grid, with no power getting out (this capability is dependent on connections with SolarEdge’s Home Hub Inverter and local utility and safety regulations).  

Features & Benefits

  • Mobile app with a Weather Guard feature that prepares for extreme weather conditions by automatically charging the battery when detected
  • Optional accessories including the Home Backup Interface, Floor stand kit and MC4 parallel branch connectors
  • 10-year limited warranty

Enphase Energy

Enphase’s IQ Batteries have embedded microinverters for a fully integrated AC system that is easy to install. The Enphase App and Energy Systems both include software that will continuously improve whenever updates are available. The App offers features such as the IQ Load Controller which allows users to turn on and off loads as needed (manually or automatically) and the Storm Guard which connects to the National Weather Service and charges the battery whenever a storm is approaching. Enphase IQ Batteries also use Lithium iron phosphate (LFP) chemistry and a natural convection cooling system for maximum safety and longevity.

Features & Benefits

  • Access to the Enphase mobile app enables users to have greater control of battery usage and easily shed unneeded loads during an outage
  • 10-year limited warranty, able to be extended to 15 years
  • Compliant with UL 9540A and NEMA Type 3R



HomeGrid Battery systems use LFP chemistry for safe, long-lasting solutions in a variety of home and commercial applications. The Compact series is their smallest option, suitable for partial home backup with a 5.12 kW power output. The Stack’d series can handle whole home backup and small commercial projects with a 14.4 kW power output. The HG Cube pairs SolArk inverters and 1-4 full configurations of the Stack’d Series battery in a single enclosure for a maximum continuous output of 45 kW.

Features & Benefits

  • Compact (wall mounted) or Stack’d (floor standing) series to fit various systems
  • Configurations for the Stack’d series include 2-8 stacked modules with the option of stainless steel or heated modules
  • 10-year warranty per component


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