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Brady’s M211 Portable Bluetooth Label Printer Provides Easy Design, Preview, and Print


Brady’s M211 Portable Bluetooth Label Printer allows you to design, preview, and print labels all from your phone. It is tough, compact, and ready for any job site. Driven exclusively by the Brady Express Labels Mobile App it allows you to design and print labels for a variety of industrial applications. The app is supported on Android 6.0 or newer and iOS 10 or newer. The M211 Label Printer can connect with any device that supports Bluetooth 4.2 or newer with a range of up to 65 feet. You can customize labels from your phone to maximize efficiency. You can easily import data, save, and share files with access to 22 barcode/QR code types, 85 fonts, and over 14,000 symbols. With the M211 Li-Ion battery, you can work all day and print over 300 labels on a single charge. This portable Bluetooth label printer gives you the flexibility to take on a variety of jobs with over 90 cartridges and 12 material type acceptability. No more lugging around a cumbersome heavy printer, the Brady M211 is a compact and lightweight (1.2lbs) design that is wearable, attachable, and portable.