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The Eye-catching, Hardwearing Brady M511 Label Printer


The Brady M511 Label Printer’s bold yellow-and-black color pattern not only signifies its part in Brady’s established product line but also ensures that no matter the environment (at the lab, on the site, or in a work vehicle) the printer is visible and ready for use. The labels it prints were also designed with visibility in mind. The Brady M511 Label Printer enables up to 5 users to simultaneously print text, graphics or barcodes for larger applications. The 300-dpi resolution and edge-to-edge printing ensure that the message (whether component IDs, safety warnings or voltage markers) is communicated clearly, with no wasted space. The durable exterior, Bluetooth capability and mobile/PC connectivity mean that this work can be done wherever it is needed.

Features & Benefits

Enhanced Performance & Portability

  • The internal lithium-ion battery can operate for 8+ hours without needing to be recharged
  • USB C connection for charging or to access the label creation software
  • Bluetooth 5 has a 65-foot range and supports up to 5 users simultaneously connecting
  • Label creation software is accessible via the Brady Express Labels mobile application (Android/IOS) or Brady Workstation on PC
  • Viewing window to see label cartridge without exposing it to debris

Seamless Printing

  • Supports edge-to-edge printing of clearly visible text, images, QR codes, and barcodes
  • Maximum print width of 1.44 inches (label width 1.5 in.) and length of 39 inches
  • Space-saving, slim design with an auto-cutting feature for hands-free operation that will print standing or lying down
  • Available label materials include heat shrink labels, all-weather labels, wrap-around labels, and more 
  • Capable of printing 1000 labels per full charge


  • Can survive a 6-foot drop
  • Crush resistant up to 250 pounds
  • Military-grade shock resistant (MIL-STD-810G)
  • Ingress Protection against sand and dust
  • Comes with a 2-year warranty

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