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BradyPrinter M611 Mobile Printer


Change the way you've always labeled with the BradyPrinter M611 Mobile Printer. By using the Brady Workstation Express Labels Mobile App you have a durable print from everywhere solution. This printer integrates with mobile and desktop software. Powered by the Brady Workstation Platform, the transfer of label files, templates and data is easier and more efficient. Meaning you spend less time labeling while you’re in the field. Have you been in the field and realized you didn’t have the labels you needed? With the BradyPrinter M611, you no longer need to drive back to the office or wait for someone to deliver your labels. By pairing the M611 mobile printer with the Brady Workstation Express Labels Mobile App, the gap between the office and field is bridged. With a quick phone call to the office the correct labels can be pushed to the cloud and printed via the mobile app. The M611 also comes with a convenient sling pack to make carrying easier. Another nice feature is that the printer’s lithium ion battery can charge your cell phone if it dies. This mobile printer transforms your mobile printing needs giving you the flexibility and time savings you need when in the field.

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