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Increase Connection Reliability with the Burndy® PATRIOT® PAT81K2 Crimping Solution


The Hubbell BURNDY® PATRIOT® 4-POINT® PAT81K2 crimping solution has a redesigned head that includes unique crimping guides which help you achieve consistent and reliable connections. It features improved ergonomics with its lightweight head design, unique crimping guides, and versatile 360o head rotation. The crimping guides are designed for increased reliability and improved ease of use when crimping smaller connectors that range from #8 AWG - 250 kcmil by providing accurate alignment and crimping of wire connectors. The guides significantly reduce user error and eliminate costly tool repairs. If you have projects in the commercial, industrial, oil and gas, renewable energy, telecommunications, or transportation industries, the PAT81K2 4-POINT die-less crimpers are a great choice. The PAT81K2 gives you the trusted UL listed connections and expanded range-taking capabilities when used with BURNDY terminals, splices, and high-plug connectors. If you’re looking to improve your ergonomics and increase connection reliability, the BURNDY PATRIOT 4-POINT PAT81K2 crimping solution is right for you.