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Eaton’s Bussmann Series CCP Disconnect Switches


Eaton’s Bussmann series CCP Compact Circuit Protector was designed specifically for use in UL equipment such as industrial control panels, machinery, and HVAC applications. It provides you with three times the protection while taking up only 1/3 the space of a circuit breaker. With up to three times the short circuit current ratings (SCCR) and interrupting ratings at full voltage with Class CC Fuse or Low-Peak® CUBEFuse® providing Class J performance. You get high assembly SCCR and reduced personal protective equipment (PPE) requirements. Smaller than conventional circuit breakers, the Compact Circuit Protector includes switching and fusible over current protection in one device.

If you’re a panel builder, panel space is premium real estate where less space equals less cost. With the CCP's small footprint, it frees up valuable control cabinet space in any control panel without compromising protection. The CCP is simple to design and install regardless if you are using a one-pole, two-pole, or three-pole model. You value a 200kA circuit rating and the Bussmann CCP breakers and CUBEFuse offer that rating. Both promote a high SSCR rating based on UL508A marking requirements for SCCR of industrial control equipment.

Installing the CCP is simple with its one-step DIN-Rail mount solution that requires no tools. Plus the line and terminal screws are backed out at the factory increasing your wiring speeds. Installing the fuse is simple too. Located on the front of the disconnect, Class CC, Midget, and 10 x 38 models flip up and out of the way for easy fuse insertion. Positive fuse door closure confirms it is set and ready for service. On the finger-safe CUBEFuse model simply plug in the fuse to the compact circuit protector. The operation of the CCP is simple. The lever on the front simply flips up to close the circuit. The fuse and switch are interlocked. To remove the fuse safely, turn off the switch. The CCP is the perfect choice for protecting all your circuits up to 60A at 600Vac or 30A at 80 Vdc.