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The Small but Mighty Bussmann™ Series CCP Disconnect Switches


Are you looking for a high-performance circuit protection solution with a smaller panel footprint for your HVAC equipment, industrial control panels, or industrial machinery electrical panels? The Bussmann™ compact circuit protector (CCP) series offers a complete line of UL 98 and UL 508-listed fused disconnect switches that reduce panel impact while allowing a higher SCCR. The Bussmann™ CCP switches can be DIN-Rail mounted for a quick installation and come in one-, two- and three-pole models that have a panel footprint up to 69% smaller than traditional fusible disconnect solutions. Additionally, these switches require less personal protective equipment (PPE) due to several safety enhancements, such as fuse protection and current limitation to reduce the arc flash energy present during maintenance. If you are a panel-shop facility, an industrial manufacturer, or an automation facility needing a powerful and compact circuit protection solution, check out the benefits of the Bussmann™ series CCP disconnect switches below.

Features & Benefits

Space-saving & Powerful

  • Requires less space than a molded case circuit breaker and a traditional fusible disconnect
  • Provides up to a 200 kA SCCR
  • Amp rejecting feature to prevent overfusing
  • Single switch fusing versions- 30, 60, 100, 200 and 400 A

Accessories for Application Variability

  • NFPA 79-compliant handle options
  • Multi-wire lug kits to eliminate the power distribution block
  • Terminal shrouds for increased safety while live
  • Auxiliary contacts for monitoring the ON/OFF position

Enhanced Safety

  • Compliant with RoHS
  • Usable for disconnection of power and isolation
  • Load break rated for depleted risk of Arc Flash
  • Finger-safe design for fuse protection



Contact your account manager or visit your local branch to learn more about the Bussmann™ series CCP disconnect switches.