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Do You Know How to Use An SD Card to Backup Your CompactLogix™


Rockwell Automation CompactLogix™ 5370 & 5380 Controllers have a removable Secure Digital (SD) memory card slot for memory backup. The SD card offers: faster reads and writes compared to CompactFlash; application/project and controller firmware storage; and runtime tag data read/write capabilities.

A 1GB SD card (1784-SD1) ships with every CompactLogix 5370 & 5380 Controller. An optional 1784-SD2 (2GB) card is available. Standard SD card supported format is FAT16. Third party and generic SD cards should work on the CompactLogix 5370 & 5380 controllers but are not supported. Generic cards do not carry the same industrial ratings, certifications, and environmental specifications as the models offered by Rockwell Automation. To see how to use the SD card for program backup and restoration of your CompactLogix, please watch this how-to video.