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Use ControlFLASH™ Plus to Manage Your Firmware


With Rockwell Automation’s ControlFLASH™ Plus you can view, manage and deploy firmware across multiple devices. Sometimes when your software has new functionality, you are required to update the firmware of your control hardware. This might take minutes or hours depending on the size of your automation system, and the nature of the firmware updates. With ControlFLASH Plus, the days of needing to flash firmware one device at a time are eliminated. ControlFLASH Plus is a free software tool that streamlines your workflow for managing firmware. With this tool you can quickly see what versions are installed on your devices; review what firmware is available; manage, export, and save firmware combinations. You also can see your device's lifecycle state, review critical announcements and release notes. To learn how to download, install, and use ControlFLASH Plus, please watch our Tech Video.