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Cooper Lighting’s ClearCurve Wall Luminaire Fits Many Architectural Styles


Cooper Lighting’s Invue Insight: ClearCurve Wall Luminaire lives up to the tagline of “Simple in Form. Rich in Features.” The ClearCurve wall is offered with two distinct features from the light engine. The WaveStream minimizes glare and enhances human comfort, has four different optical distributions, six lumen packages as high as 10,000 lumens. The other is LightSquares which has been the light engine of choice with superior performance and output, with 18 optical distributions including house size shields available in both one and two square configurations with lumen packages as high as 12,000 lumens, and up to 149 lumens per watt. ClearView provides a visual comfort optic that is appealing and LightSquares that offer superior performance and output.

The ClearCurve is highly customizable making it ideal for many settings and architectural styles. Some applications could include office, education, retail, hospitality, health care, shopping centers, and many more. ClearCurve is very versatile, it meets the needs of your different applications and different styles.