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Dialight Area Lighting is Efficient, Functional and Dependable


Dialight’s Area Light performs well in a wide range of applications and environments. With their exclusive purpose-built power supply, your area lighting will have low maintenance without sacrificing quality. There is a significant time and cost savings benefit that comes with the installation of these area lights. The fixtures were purposefully designed with no field replacement parts and turn-key retro-fit kits. The controlled lighting solutions effortlessly integrate with existing factory automation and facility management systems.

Dialight has three product offerings in area lighting: Vigilant, SafeSite, and Specialty Voltage Lighting. The Vigilant Area Lighting is all purpose lighting. Vigilant lighting can reduce your energy use and cost by at least 50% compared to HID and high-pressure sodium lighting. SafeSite Area Lighting withstands the harshest conditions and reduces maintenance which improves site efficiency and safety. SafeSite is ideal for oil and gas, chemical, mining, offshore, particulate and other volatile environments. There are specialty voltage options available in the SafeSite product offering.

To help you save time, money and improve safety, Dialight designed the Universal Mounting Adapter (UMA). This integrated hinge-style bracket system comes pre-installed. Giving installers the flexibility to mount the bracket to the wall, ceiling or stanchion, where it hangs safely in place while the installer makes electrical connections. Dialight also offers retrofit adapters for industrial applications making it fast and easy to upgrade to Dialight LED Area Light.