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Encore Wire’s Tray Cable - Durable Power Connectivity for Industrial Environments


Encore Wire's tray cable is among the most durable on the market. Tray cable is primarily used for connecting power devices in commercial and industrial environments.  It can be used in channels, ducts, cable trays, raceways, and 600-volt applications. Encore Wire’s tray cable is listed for use in cable trays, direct burial, on a messenger, and within raceways as permitted by the national electrical code.  Tray cable can be used in wet, humid, and dry environments, as well as above ground in direct sunlight or below in direct burial.  All Encore Wire tray cables come with a rip string to make stripping wire easier.  It has a high dielectric strength and is heat and moisture-resistant.  It complies with RoHS and is UL-listed.

When you need to quickly terminate connections, Encore Wire's tray cable is easy to strip. Tray cable saves money by speeding up the installation procedure thanks to its unique design of power and control in one. It's also flexible, which makes it easier to get the wire where you need it while keeping the same toughness.