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FactoryTalk® Optix™: Modern HMI Solution With Cloud-Based Design And Support


FactoryTalk® Optix™ is a new cloud-enabled HMI platform that allows the design, test, and deployment of applications directly from a web browser when connected through FactoryTalk® Design Hub™. FactoryTalk Optix provides unlimited extensibility through web clients, full OPC UA compatibility, C# scripting, and MQTT. Libraries of reusable content, custom templates, and style sheets help manage standards and ease multi-user collaboration. Optix gives you flexible development design and deploy options with the ability to choose between FactoryTalk Optix Studio installed locally or a cloud-based web browser. You can now keep track of changes to applications and libraries with multi-user collaboration and integrated cloud-based storage with version control, enabled by GitHub and FactoryTalk Vault.

FactoryTalk Optix is an addition to the Rockwell visualization portfolio and is not replacing anything in its current visualization portfolio. If you are looking for software that is “just enough” software on small computing or looking for a full-featured HMI with a smaller footprint for small systems with a limited number of clients, FactoryTalk Optix is right for you. Scalable HMI applications driving operations or large systems requiring high availability are ideally suited for FactoryTalk View SE, with FactoryTalk Optix providing complementary capabilities.

If you are looking to deploy, maintain and troubleshoot your application from anywhere at any time, with multi-user collaboration and cloud-based design, FactoryTalk Optix is the right HMI platform for you.