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The Fluke 1770 Series Three-Phase Power Quality Analyzer Makes Power Quality Analysis Easier And Safer


The Fluke 1770 series three-phase power quality analyzer provides a faster easier way to perform power quality studies. The 1770 series conveniently powers directly from the circuit you are measuring so you won't need an electrical outlet or have to worry about failing batteries. You can perform power quality measurements quickly and confidently, even if you're not an expert. The guided setup is foolproof and allows you to easily set up custom views to get the data that is most important to you. Data is logged automatically so you can always go back and find something you missed - even if you forget to set a parameter. The bright large touchscreen display, coupled with physical navigation buttons and a modern user interface makes it easy to change settings or investigate data in the field - even with gloves on. Its compact size makes it an easy fit for tight spaces and cabinets. You can view the data remotely via tablet or laptop and transfer data for analysis using a USB, WiFi, or a direct USB connection even while you're performing a logging session. Reporting is simplified with built-in analysis capabilities for modern intuitive data analysis and reporting. The Fluke 1770 series power quality analyzers make power quality analysis simpler and safer.