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Grace Technologies Switchgear Temperature Monitoring Is a Proactive Approach to Maintenance


The GraceSense Hot Spot Monitor or HSM is a continuous real-time temperature monitoring device intended for locations that are difficult and hazardous to access. This device not only measures the temperature at any given point in time but also proactively monitors and enables the user to predict the failure before a potential shutdown. The HSM utilizes patented fiber-optic technology providing constant temperature data. You can mount the fiber probes on electrical bus bars, bus ducts, transformers, or any other source of heat. The hot spot monitor provides a unique combination of patented fiber technology at advanced algorithms that convert the change in temperature. The fiber probes securely connect to a ring style connector that conveniently mounts to the source of heat while the other end connects to the HSM module. Unlike IR thermography, the HSM is not subject to calibration errors providing for a more accurate temperature reading.