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Pull Wire and Rope Faster and Easier with Greenlee's G1 Versi-Tugger


The Greenlee G1 Versi-Tugger was designed to replace manual pulling. Previously workers had to pull rope by hand which wasn’t a good solution. What electricians and contractors needed was something portable and easy to carry. Something that could be taken up a scissor lift and used when power wasn’t available. The G1 is a good solution when you're doing small batch pulls for lighting and wiring. It’s very effective if you are setting up a large run that has branch circuits. If you are pulling wire by hand, the pull you do at 8:00 a.m. won’t be the same as what you do at 3:00 p.m. because of fatigue. The G1 eliminates the fatigue and work slow-down as well as inconsistent pulls. No matter if you are in the commercial, industrial or utility markets you’re going to need to pull wire at one time or another, why do it by hand when you can use the G1.