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Greenlee's Workhorse™ Is an All-In-One Threading and Bending Workstation


The Workhorse™ from Greenlee is an all-in-one bending and threading station. Mobility is no longer a problem because the station features fork lift pockets on two sides that make it easy to move and place wherever you need it. The Greenlee 854DX and 855GX benders can be securely mounted using brackets providing a safe bending environment. The Workhorse also includes space for the Greenlee 555 series benders. The pipe support in conjunction with the bender check tray allows you to check 90-degree bends and make measurements off the ground, saving your back and knees from unnecessary strain from bending. You can also store any tools and accessories you aren’t using in the convenient storage cabinet. The Workhorse can also be easily moved using the 8” casters. The station is available with an easy to install chain vise mounting kit. With room for mounting Rothenberger™ and RIDGID® Threaders, you can’t go wrong with Greenlee’s Workhorse.