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Hardy HI 6200 Single Channel Weight Processor Reduces Machine Cost and Cabinet Footprint


Are you still building scales with analog transmitters because they are small and cheap? The problem with using analog transmitters is that they make weighing less accurate, slow, unrepeatable, harder to set up, and they lack remote connectivity. All of which ultimately drags down the performance of your machines. Hardy’s HI 6200 weight processor is packed for performance with its lightning-fast 32-bit arm core microcontroller that can remove noise from mechanical vibrations allowing you to achieve accurate and stable weight readings without stopping your process to allow for settling. This helps to boost your productivity, production, and overall machine performance. Its color touchscreen is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive so anyone with basic scale knowledge can set up and maintain a scale system without formal training. You can now do a complete setup and calibration with a touch of the screen in minutes instead of hours or days. The HI 6200 provides OEMs, systems integrators, and machine builders the advantage of C2® Electronic Calibration making weighing easier, quicker, safer, and typically more accurate.