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Use the HIM Copycat Function on PowerFlex® Drives to Save Time and Headaches


Rockwell Automation PowerFlex® 750-Series drives are equipped with a CopyCat function in the Human Interface Module (HIM). This function allows you to upload individual parameter sets for your host drive and any peripherals connected into the HIM.

With the Upload All Ports function, you can easily upload multiple parameter sets for the host drive and connected peripherals in a single file. You can use this information as a backup, or it can be transferred to another drive or peripheral device by downloading the file from the HIM’s memory.

With the CopyCat function you can rename or delete individual or multiple parameter sets stored in the HIM. The HIM has the ability to store up to 50 individual parameter sets or five multiple parameter sets. For information on how to use the HIM CopyCat function, you can watch our
YouTube Video.