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Cut Conduit Installation Time by 80% with nVent HOFFMAN's Angled Trough


The nVent Hoffman Angled Trough allows you to run conduit straight into the box from the top and bottom without having to do any 90-degree conduit bends. It reduces installation time by 80 percent. This gives you more flexibility in your wire distribution. With the angled trough, you use less space and it’s more esthetically pleasing to the eye. The trough has pre-drilled holes for ease of hanging and it allows for conduit runs from all six sides. The angled trough works great below or on the side of electrical panels, in electrical rooms and above modular ceilings for an assortment of indoor commercial applications. The angled trough alleviates the safety concerns, time, labor and cost associated with making a 90-degree conduit bend.