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Exploring the Power of Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems’s 30A Toggle Motor Disconnect


Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems manufactures one of the most complete lines of motor disconnects in the electrical industry. Their motor disconnects are suitable for a variety of applications and adhere to code requirements. Their offering includes disconnects ranging from 20 to 200 amps with various levels of water ingress protection. If you have an application where space is a concern, Hubbell’s 30 amp toggle motor controller was redesigned with this in mind and doubles as a motor disconnect. The new design has a 34% size reduction while maintaining the switching performance of the legacy design.

The new designs feature up to a 20 horsepower rating and a minimum endurance of 6000 cycles at full load. Despite being a 30 amp device the short circuit testing was performed with a 60 amp Class J fuse making the test significantly more difficult. This helps to improve the durability of the switch. The 34% reduction in size allows electricians the ability to easily install this switch into a standard FD box two. The two and three-pole versions are available as a standard open switch or factory installed in various enclosures. Additionally, they provide water ingress protection from NEMA 1 to NEMA 3. This broad range ensures protection against varied environmental conditions.