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Inxpect Safety Radar Equipment: Designed for Industrial Automation


If you need a flexible solution to improve the safety and productivity of operations while reducing occupied floor space, consider Inxpect Safety Radar Equipment. Inxpect is a robust, natively 3D volume monitoring system designed for collaborative robotics in the industrial space. Each system has a fully secure control unit (set up via USB or ethernet) and up to 6 safety radar sensors that work as a safety relay. The radar sensors have configurable parameters, allowing operators to make real-time modifications to detection and warning zones. This system meets SIL2/ Performance Level d with Category 3 (ISO 13849-1) standards and optimizes safety functions, whether restart prevention or access detection.

Features & Benefits


  • Monitors a 3-D volume of space with sophisticated FMCW radar technology
  • Immune to dust, smoke, liquids, and other environmental disturbances
  • Unlike optical devices, these sensors will not fail in variable light and temperature


  • IP67-rated for indoor and outdoor applicability
  • Real-time, configurable safety radar sensors with a range of up to 9 meters
  • Independent Motion Systems (MIR) and Anti-Collision Systems to meet the needs of various, highly automated environments


  • 1st and only safety radar system to meet SIL2/PLd and UL standards
  • Certified according to the most current industrial safety regulations
  • RoHS compliant

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