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Killark’s EZ Seal Hazardous Area Seal Fittings Revolutionize Sealing Technology


Hubbell Killark's EZ Seal hazardous area seal fittings are a helpful advancement in seal fittings. The EZ Seal series approaches seal pouring from a practical standpoint, in contrast to conventional ways. A collapsible middle coupler in the design facilitates 360-degree unrestricted access to the conductors.

The EZ Seal fittings require less packing fiber because of its two pre-installed disk brush dams, which saves money on materials and speeds up installation. When combined with CELOX™, a dependable two-part epoxy self-mixed resin, the EZ series is the fastest and safest seal fitting system on the market. Killark's EZ Seal hazardous area seal fittings offers sealing technology that is dependable and efficient.