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Klein Tools 90-Degree Impact Wrench is Ergonomic with High Torque


Klein Tools 90° Impact Wrench provides a high torque more ergonomic weight to fasten in the field. Typically in the field, lineman ratcheting wrenches are slim and easy to reach around a utility pole, but the constant ratcheting motion causes a lot of wear and tear on the wrist and shoulder. An alternative is the standard impact wrench with the nut runner attached. This method gives you the torque and speed over the lineman wrench but is much more difficult to comfortably reach around the utility pole because it’s heavy and awkwardly weighted. The 90° Impact Wrench allows you to combine these two tools into one ergonomic high torque tool that allows you to reach around the pole easier for better access with less fatigue. This tool delivers up to 300ft-lbs of torque for high-performance fastening. The bolt-through design can fit up to a ¾ bolt. The impact function is particularly useful for driving and removing fasteners in wood, metal and concrete. The variable speed trigger provides better control. The kits include two 4 Ah batteries, a charger and a carrying case. The high torque, 90° Impact Wrench with a bolt-through design is a better more ergonomic way to fasten in the field with less fatigue.