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LEDVANCE’s T-FIT™ Panel is an Illuminating Innovation


If you are looking to replace your flat lighting panels in your offices or conference rooms, the LEDVANCE Dual Selectable T-FIT™ Panel Bars are advanced and environmentally friendly. The T-FIT panels use less plastic and raw materials than regular panels and offer dual selectability (three CCTs and three-lumen outputs in the same SKU). They are simple and easy to install using quick connectors. The dual selectability is enabled through the switches located on the driver which allows for use with a variety of applications for on-site lighting modifications.  These panels fit into existing T-GRID ceilings making for a smooth installation.  The LEDVANCE Dual Selectable T-Fit Panel Bars come in three selectable sizes with three-lumen outputs all in one product.  What more could you ask for?