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Protect Your Equipment By Limiting Ground Faults


High Resistance Grounding (HRG) systems are popular in process applications because you can safely continue operation during a single line-ground fault and limit intensification of the fault into a multi-phase problem. When system reliability and safety are a major concern, experts recommend using high resistance grounding for transformers and generators. When you limit ground fault current to less than 10 amps, processes can continue and arc-flash hazards from the phase to ground fault are avoided. Post Glover’s fourth generation PulserPlus.Net™ is engineered and tested to be easy to install and provide the most comprehensive feature set available. From tapped resistors wired to a terminal block to easy to use software, this HRG system is designed for seamless integration into your system protection scheme. With PulserPlus.Net™, you can protect equipment by limiting ground fault current to less than 10 A, thereby reducing damage and stress to equipment and power system components. Down time is reduced for your process equipment because you can continue to operate in the event of a line to ground fault, increasing your profitability. With increased safety flash hazards and potential arc faults are virtually eliminated. Fast fault location pulsing circuit and optional ammeter allow for easier fault location, saving time and frustrations.