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Macron Dynamics Linear Robots are Robust, Modular and Highly Configurable


Industries today use automated processes to ensure precise repeatability, reduce variability, meet quality expectations, and lower manufacturing costs. Macron Dynamics makes linear robotic motion solutions for every market offering. Complete system builds are assembled in the United States. Macron’s linear robots feature one, two, or three principal axes that move in a straight line, also called Cartesian gantry robots. These are different than other articulated arm robots because linear robotics tend to have a longer reach and footprint to cover larger work areas. Unlike other automation machines, linear robotic systems can be reprogrammed to accommodate your product changes quickly. Their flexibility can meet all your unique requirements. Applications include pick-and-place, sorting, packaging solutions, palletizing, or assembly across a range of industries. If you are in the material handling and packaging product assembly or manufacturing medical and pharmaceutical defense military aerospace or entertainment and amusement Macron Dymanics linear robotic motion solutions are right for you.