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Matrix® AP Harmonic Filters Are an Essential Ingredient in Major Industries


MTE Corporation’s Matrix® Adaptive Passive (AP) Harmonic Filter is the most advanced passive filter on the market. The Matrix AP Filter is perfect for power intensive industries like: oil & gas; wastewater & water treatment; steel & mining; and paper & printing. The use of variable frequency drives (VFD) provide more efficiency by helping regulate your motor speed by increasing and decreasing frequency. While VFDs provide great benefits, they can also create harmonic distortion. Harmonic filters mitigate current distortion. When motor speeds are close to 100%, most passive filters work. The problem with that is it’s impossible to run at 100% all the time. When motor speeds are decreased, total harmonic distortion (THID) increases. This has the potential to cause a variety of problems: overheating of transformers causing system failures; nuisance tripping in circuit breakers; loss of production; and shorter equipment life. MTE has the solution to these problems. The Matrix AP Filter’s unique patented technology, is the only passive filter to feature adaptive passive technology. This patented technology adapts to varying loads. It has better THID performance when running lighter loads. It also eliminates overheating and extends service life of equipment. Matrix AP Harmonic Filters provide you peace of mind and a better bottom line.