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Cooper Lighting’s Metalux VHB LED High Bay Fixture is Versatile and Cost-Effective


Industrial facilities, gymnasiums and warehouses rely on quality high bay lighting to provide efficient light. Cooper Lighting’s Metalux VHB LED High Bay fixture combines many lighting enhancements in a compact configuration. The VHB LED is half the size of traditional high bay fixtures which is helpful during installation. Even though it is small, this fixture is capable of providing excellent lighting for heavy-duty tasks up to 24,000 lumens with an efficacy of up to 147 lumens per watt. The onboard switch allows you to reduce your lumens as needed. The VHB LED High Bay fixture can be configured with narrow or wide light distributions to supply both aisle and open area spaces. It has a long list of other features like emergency and controls options, wavelength sensors, fifth light dolly control, and several other accessories. This compact and versatile unity has it all when it comes to being a versatile and cost-effective LED lighting fixture.